Hire Offshore PHP Developers

Trino Web has an offshore software development business providing PHP application and web development services. We also offer php developers for hire to our clients. This service is a flexible one, whereby clients can Hire PHP Developers on a full or part time basis or by the hour, day, week or month.

Our goal is to dedicate ourselves to completing your project fully to your satisfaction by enabling you to control your in-house project personnel with the financial benefits that offshore services bring.

Clients can hire php developers for the following types of project development:

  • Customer Relationship Management systems

  • PHP-based web portals

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)

  • PHP data and system migrations

  • Integrating PHP-based web services

  • Custom-made PHP desktop and web applications.

Custom Application Development

We live in an application-driven economy. Trino Web offers professional web applications that’s custom tailored to your business needs. Every one of our custom solutions provide excellent scalability and compatibility in terms of browsers and platforms. We build complicated web applications for projects that require more than an “off-the-shelf” solution. By working with Trino Web, you can expect substantial improvements in business flexibility, cost savings and speed to market. With our proven expertise, we’ll work with your team to write applications that make the most of your investment. Examples of custom web applications developed by Trino Web include:
  • Online communities

  • Document management applications

  • Online ordering systems

  • Sales dashboards

  • Custom Web CMS

  • Web survey applications

  • Bookings management systems

  • Inventory management applications

  • Custom e-commerce solutions

Website Design

Trino Web is staffed with seasoned developers who can not only breathe life into a project, but can also recommend solutions that get you the most bang for your buck. With a full team of developers working with cutting-edge technology, we customize development for every client need.

Brochure Style Website

A brochure style website is meant to promote you and your business. Eliminate physical branding expenses (physical brochures, newspapers ads, etc.) and save the time and effort by upgrading to a brochure style website. The following are typical business that utilize this format:

Salons & Spas | Fast Food Est. | Bars & Restaurants | Personal Services | Freelancing

CMS Website

Content Management Systems make it easy to edit content on websites that require frequent updating or websites used for blogging through the use of a web browser. At Trino Web we use the latest CMS tools such as :

WordPress | Joomla | Drupal | PHP Nuke | phpBB | vBulletin | MediaWiki

CMS allows you or anyone you authorize quick and easy access to the content of the website and keep it up to date. We can also provide you with remote access for updates on the go.

Graphic Design

Logo Profile Image


A logo is an expression of your brand. Enhance your brand presentation by distinguishing it with a unique custom logo.

Poster Profile Image


We can turn any graphic into high-quality poster. Decorate your business with immersive imagery to impress your clients.

Web Banner Profile Image

Web Banner

An effective banner is the kind that gets noticed. We can design web banners for your website and have them appear on other websites. Once clicked, the user will be directed to you.

Business Card Profile Image

Business Card

A business card can be a conversation starter. Having a personalized card increases your chances of being remembered. A quality business card is meant to be kept and acted upon. Let us put your name on it.

Flyer Profile Image


A flyer can be informative and appealing at the same time. Ask us to create an attractive flyer for you that can exceed the expectations of your potential clients.

Brochure Profile Image


A brochure can be used to convey a message that is important for your clients to understand. Our custom brochure designs can help by engaging your readers. We want your audience to continue reading your brochure once it is picked up.

Mobile App Development

For the ultimate mobile user experience we recommend building a native mobile app. Native apps provides advanced features that are not available with a web-based implementation such as device hardware features (camera, GPS, phone, etc.), advanced security, data synchronization, and many more. We are skilled with most major platforms including native iOS and Android.

Apple logo

iOS App Development

Our iOS app development services will take your iPhone app from concept to reality. The result is a flawless app that will exceed your expectations.

Android Logo

Android App Development

We understand the principle behind open-source programming, Trino Web is now a provider of Android apps to businesses and brands.

Content Management & Hosting

A team that knows your website inside and out can optimize performance and quickly address any issues that may jeopardize the visibility or security of your web property. You have our entire dedicated team at your disposal for any maintenance and web hosting needs. Using a single company to manage both the front-end and back-end of your website can significantly reduce website downtime, cost of web training, and headaches when something goes wrong.

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